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Just a glimpse of some of the experiences I have had honoring our Vets and why I love doing what I do

Since writing Heroes and Angels I have had the pleasure of traveling the world to say thank you to our troops, past and present. I am so blessed to have to opportunity to continue to show gratitude for our great Armed Forces.

I was able to participate in a Golf Tournament Fundraiser for The Healing Heroes Foundation in Beaufort, SC. This Marine is showing off his new golf caddy that allows him to play golf even after losing his legs in combat.

I also had the honor of supporting the VFW in my hometown, McDonough, GA to spend time with a WWII Vet.

Performing the National Anthem and Heroes and Angels in Washington DC for a T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) Gala where I was coined by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, is one of the many proud, memorable moments that I have ever had.

Some of the great fun I have had

I had so much fun standing around on a retired tank at Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base in Southern California.

I also was able to play around in this awesome state of the art HUMVEE in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Spending time with these soldiers at Fort Campbell in their helicopter simulator was so awesome, even though I crashed the Apache.

This is me being saluted by my good friend, Todd Beardon, as I was about to take off on my honor flight with the 169th Fighter Wing “Swamp Fox” pilot “Wrench” at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in Columbia, SC.

I flew the F-16 by myself (from the backseat of course), got in a dog fight with another young pilot trying to earn his stripes, got sick and puked in a pee pack but it was one of the most exhilarating  times of my life. Definitely a day that I will never forget and forever be grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience it with such great people.

Thanks to General Livingston for making it happen!

Another great photo with my friend Todd strapping me in and informing me that if I puke in his F-16 we will be spending the rest of day cleaning every crack and crevice with a Q-Tip.

Me with the great General Chuck Yeager flying over Afghanistan in a Black Hawk helicopter. Taken during my tour of military bases in Kuwait and Afghanistan while performing for our troops.

What an honor to meet these Marines from Kaneohe Marine Base in Oahu, Hawaii. We went into a simulated war zone and I was able to fire every type of hand held weaponry that the Marines have. What a fun day and another wonderful experience.

These awesome Marines hung out with me in San Diego at the Summer Sports Clinic opening ceremonies where I had the privilege of singing Heroes and Angels and participating in the Summer games.  The Summer Sports Clinic is a unique program helping our injured military members reintegrate with their families and communities after returning from combat using adventure sports and recreational activities such as: sailing, surfing, track and field, kayaking and cycling. This not only strengthens their bodies but it also helps them overcome and improve their overall being and self worth.

I sailed on the USA-1 and was taught alongside wounded veterans how to surf.